The World- A Red Herring

By Mansi Sangwan

And I often sit down to wonder, why the world is like this. Displaying each of its faces one by one. Sometimes a little abstruse, sometimes a little adamant. Sometimes a little volatile, sometimes a little placate. Sometimes becoming an amenity and sometimes the root cause of all our problems.

It includes all of us. You. Me. Your friends. Family. Enemies. Well-wishers and the backstabbers. All are here. Breathing the same air. Eating the same food. Wearing the same clothes and drinking the same water.

But still there are separations. Of caste, creed, religion, rich, poor, race, job, salary, status and the list is endless.

There are people begging on the streets and there are people sipping wine in elite restaurants. People making the days and nights count in order to survive and people indulging in wicked ways of earning money.

And this sense of inequality makes me curious. The cake is meant for everyone. One piece for each. But some greedy people pounce on the share of the altruistic ones too. Strange.

The fact that this dynamic world of ours makes the concept of Women Empowerment seem so viable sounds like a misapprehension to me. What can you expect from a bombastic man who doesn’t want a woman to rise above him and question his prudence.

This delusional act of keeping Ladies first phrase operative with the same mindset being transferred over ages is nothing more than putting wool over women eyes!

Men still want women to keep dancing to their tune even if she is the CEO and he is just an employee.

Thus, making the concept of women empowerment just a hot potato!

So just like this, the world feels like an alien to everyone, creating misery and chaos and then encouraging them to continue. To grow. In you. In me. In everyone. Deceiving. Lying. Its actions being precipitate and its intentions being unforeseeable.

But its far cry from what you see and what you expect it to be.

This is it then. The end? No.

In fact, Elvis has never left the building!



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