My Period Pain Is Bearable, Your Narrow-Mindedness Is Not -Madhurima Dhar

Society wants me to excrete the lining of my uterus with the utmost discretion and fragrance. I am supposed to be a 20-year-old, moody, blue bleeding (at least that is what the ads are telling you), skipping and hopping woman.

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An Ode To Life

The only thing constant is change and in this ever-changing world, we too go through our shades of transformation. These changes are often painful but necessary; nonetheless, they make life what it is truly - Beautiful. Here is a piece of poetic expression

Two Faces

With each passing day, life gets faster, crueler and clearer. When I change my perspective by an inch the world changes it by a mile.

GST: The revolutionary reform 3.0

By Atulya Singh It took a time of 17 years, 10 Prime Ministers and 12 Finance Ministers to implement the revolutionary tax reform GST in the largest democracy of the world. The present NDA government has termed it as reforms 3.0, which follows reforms 1.0 (the liberalisation of 1991) and reforms 2.0 (various reforms from... Continue Reading →

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